What I Got Done This Year — 2018

Good old Radio Kaikan, Akihabara’s tourist-trap nerd mall. A tower worth climbing.

At Polygon

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Not my fighting game of the year but perhaps the one I played the most.

Plastic Love

Parfom Gwendolyn by Good Smile/Ryunryuntei.


The Fate op/ed

Gudako’s voice actress in the new anime is Kaneda Tomoko (Chiyo in Azumanga Daioh, Ibis in Kemono Friends), who really brings the character to a whole other level.

In closing

I’ve been a very busy professional nerd! This has really been a growth year for me as far as this kind of work goes. If you happen to be in a position to need my services in the new year, let’s talk.



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David Cabrera

David Cabrera

Sooolar wind. Anime/games writer. Sometimes on @polygon? @Kawaiikochans is the sum of my efforts. Serious about stupid.