Kind of An Otakon 2021 Report

My con haul. Just vintage anime vinyl and a little Japanese jazz fusion
This is the moment I stepped out into the con floor on Friday. It was already apparent that there was a big crowd, but this is where I realized everybody was going to crowd into the same spots like usual.
This is actually the hotel; I don’t have a lot of shots of the con center. It’s a really comfy hotel and very much worth the price.

Crowding and COVID precautions (or lack thereof)

The entrance from the hotel couldn’t handle the heavy Saturday morning crowds, nearly creating a dangerous pile-up around the escalators. I got off the escalator here and went right back up to play Monster Hunter at the bar
This was a good angle but I actually took it because I had a free moment due to being totally stuck between people


At around 2AM I started to tell my friend what had happened in the recent Tenchi Muyo OVAs and he just said NO. NO THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN and we carried that act on till about 3.

Would I Do It Again?



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David Cabrera

David Cabrera


Sooolar wind. Anime/games writer. Sometimes on @polygon? @Kawaiikochans is the sum of my efforts. Serious about stupid.