Justly Forgotten Double-Retro Robot Anime: Z-Mind

Adolescent Beautiful Girls Combining Robot Z-Mind is not a phrase that rolls off the Engish-speaking tongue
There is a magical-girl transformation sequence, but they get lazy about it and only actually draw it for one of the girls
The shithead racist dad gets the most character development, which I think says a lot
A scene from Martian Successor Nadesico that you will recognize, if you need to
disco amuro
The sisters looking on. They get in the robot, but otherwise they’re pretty passive heroines.
The younger sisters’ 70s fashion is striking. That’s about it for them.
The opening is okay, at least. Images such as this are good, and correct



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David Cabrera

David Cabrera


Sooolar wind. Anime/games writer. Sometimes on @polygon? @Kawaiikochans is the sum of my efforts. Serious about stupid.