Galaxy Angel — Our Invincible Success Story

One of several episodes in which Ranpha pro wrestles
This is from the episode where Mint can’t take off an animal costume, is assumed to be Bigfoot, and made a celebrity
This is from the episode where everyone kidnaps everyone else

An Aside: The Non-Angel Angels

I should probably address the Scrappy-Doo situation that starts in season 3. I’m not really kidding: the Angels’ new rivals, the Galaxy Twin Stars, are a pair of go-get-em ten-year-old boys who do the Angels’ job better than they do and threaten to take over the show in some brutally unfunny early episodes.



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David Cabrera

David Cabrera


Sooolar wind. Anime/games writer. Sometimes on @polygon? @Kawaiikochans is the sum of my efforts. Serious about stupid.