• Lou Arruda

    Lou Arruda

    Just another anime/gamer geek coder who is also an aviation nut and pilot wannabe.

  • もちょゾーン(o・∇・o)


    Real Tweets. Real People. Life is too short to be little - Street Fighter II Koryu title screen

  • Shadow


    Online entity that basically edits every EVN. Sometimes a space pirate, always a lesbian. ADVゲームの編集者です。

  • Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy

    Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy

  • Ashley Alfe

    Ashley Alfe

    I’m a trans woman, a porn actress, a self-professed slut, and a gal who loves writing about gender and sexuality. I like my essays like I like my men: Big.

  • Noel Kalmus

    Noel Kalmus

  • Ignis


    I cuss like a sailor and RT dumb stuff, plus typesetting/toku subbing/work rants, and a side dose of Fukuda Yuichi shilling. Se habla español.

  • Shachou


    Acquired tastes are always more pleasant - and hard to get rid of.

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