Astro City Mini review — hardware perfect, software mixed

Pardon my dust, this is how the photo came out *after* dusting thoroughly. Iphone camera picks up everything.

Game List — Good games? Yes. Familiar games? Not so much


I went in all the way on the Astro City Mini, which I admit is kind of insane (about 350 bucks worth of crazy) and probably not something I would have done out of lockdown, where, honestly, this kind of delayed gratification every couple of months is keeping me sane.

The Astro City Mini stick next to the panel of an actual Astro City. They really didn’t miss.

A Word On Virtua Fighter (1993)

From the flyer.



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David Cabrera

David Cabrera


Sooolar wind. Anime/games writer. Sometimes on @polygon? @Kawaiikochans is the sum of my efforts. Serious about stupid.