Also, Games: Reviewing the TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine Mini (3/3)

An international game lineup

From the very beginning of Tengai Makyo II. The game contains ten minutes of these intros for your four party members.

Arcade at home

The striking title screen of Gradius II. The port on the PCE CD is excellent!
I hesitate to call China Warrior a beat-em-up when it’s more of a memorize-em-up. A “rail fighter”, if that existed.
In Star Parodier you can actually play as a PC Engine. Power-ups are of course the system accessories, and it can fire CDs.

The shock of CD

Promo poster for the Duo, covered in anime heroines, that used to be on display at the former Try Tower arcade in Akihabara. The tagline is “No matter what kind of girl is your type, you can meet her on the Duo.” Truly the words of a bone-deep otaku.
The anime opening for landmark dating sim Tokimeki Memorial, featuring cover girl Shiori Fujisaki going about her business. I have no idea why Gfycat cut it off where they did.

Judgment: You already know I love this thing, but…

I’m filling this space with a cool shot of Richter from Dracula X.



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